From the trenches...

     It's an uphill battle for the "little guy." The independent film landscape has changed. Mega-budget superhero franchise projects dominate studio production rosters, and "indie film" festivals are selecting multi-million-dollar movies with A-list stars over low-budget newcomers in order to stay relevant. 

     Once upon a time, we wrote and produced a film that was a festival darling. We got raves and front page coverage in Variety, and we still weren't able to put any future projects together for ourselves. The problem is, getting nowhere in the "industry" didn't mean we lost our love for making movies. So we did what anyone in our position would do.  We decided to make another one. Blood, sweat and tears, amigos! We just had no idea how long it would take us to get back here. ​

     How can small filmmakers like us survive? We believe it's possible if we stay faithful to our roots. We believe there's still a demand for truth in filmmaking. And we believe audiences still care about both superheroes AND the little guy. Why? Because we do.



New horizons...

     Monday Nights At Seven, like the changing face of our world, is multi-cultural. Our lead characters come from vastly different backgrounds. "Lazo" is a first-generation American whose family, like so many others, was split apart by the Iranian Revolution. "Isabel" is a more recent immigrant to the United States from Mexico. But life is no longer about where we're all from, is it? It's about who we are. More specifically, it's about who we want to be.

     At the heart of Monday Nights At Seven is a universal truth: people are people. We all have dreams. We all face challenges. We all get our hearts broken only to find love again when and where we least expect it. 

     In these divisive times, our goal is to spread this message not only to the Iranian and Latin communities, but to anyone who has ears to hear it. For this reason, Monday Nights At Seven will be hosting private VIP screenings across the US in 2018. Select cast members will be in attendance. We'll have Q&A panels and special events planned after each screening too. Join our mailing list for information on upcoming showtimes in theaters near you. We look forward to meeting you soon.



A love story for grown ups. 

     A thought-provoking, awakened look at letting go. At least that's what we were going for. When we first started writing Monday Nights At Seven, we wanted to tell a life-sized story about real people facing real daily challenges. Too often in movies, we're programmed with saturated images of what romance is "supposed to be." This ultimately makes us feel dissatisfied with the love we actually experience in our lives. Instead of being grateful, we mope around oblivious to the small nuances that make the human experience so precious and sweet.

     There is a point at which we must all learn to let go...of the past, of our guilt, of the expectations we had of ourselves before we developed any of the bumps and bruises we carry around with us today. This emotional stagnation is where our film begins.


     Monday Nights At Seven is a love story about a single father, Lazo Saroby, who is struggling unsuccessfully to let go of his past. Then he meets Isabel, a young woman who is also facing the consequences of her own life choices. As feelings for Isabel expose the lie Lazo is living, he is forced to get real with himself, as painful as it might be. Facing the truth is Lazo's ultimate battle, but it's the only way he stands a chance of ever being free.



Jen Wenk, APR



Laura Keys, Producer



Marty Sader, Director


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